Doctrine is the basis for fellowship, and few things demonstrate fellowship more than the joining together to propagate the proclamation of the Gospel both near and far. It is both our desire and joy as a church to partner with like-minded churches in the preaching of the Gospel locally and around the world.

That being the case, before we give consideration to any candidates looking for material support, we expect that they will carefully review the church's doctrine and be in agreement with it personally. This necessarily includes agreement in both doctrine and practice with our position on the nature and primacy of the church (assembly). Missionaries sent out or working with or through parachurch mission boards or organizations cannot be supported by this church, although we will certainly do our part to assist men who are looking to move away from these unscriptural structures to place themselves solely under church authority.

If, as a candidate to be sent out by a church to preach the gospel, you have carefully reviewed our doctrine and are in agreement with the position outlined above, we invite you to contact us so we can provide you with a questionnaire allowing us to better understand your doctrine and give consideration to assisting with the support of the work.