The re-formatted e-books made available through our website contain text that is now in the public domain and easily accessible through respositories such as Internet Archive or Google Books. The question could be asked: Why reproduce them here? In short, to improve quality and ease of reading so that these valuable writings are still available to edify Christians in the 21st century.

An excerpt from Benjamin Wallin's book (1748) The Redeemer's Charge Against His Declining Churches has been reproduced below to underscore the difference in quality between the scanned PDFs from sources in the public domain and the e-books we are making available through our church at no cost.

E-Book Comparison

The PDF on the left is available from Internet Archive, and although legible, comes as a large file that is cumbersome to use on most e-readers. Simply put, it is a scan of the original hard-copy of that book. The excerpt on the right is the same text re-formatted for modern e-readers. In the case above, as is occasionally the case with books from that era, the letter "s" has a different appearance and adds to the difficulty in reading this valuable book. The e-books on this site are carefully formatted to retain the original text, but are re-compiled to be downloaded in either ePUB format or in Kindle format (MOBI). In so doing, the text of the books can be searched more easily and reading/highlighting becomes less difficult.

In addition to re-formatting the text of these books, footnotes and endnotes have been linked for quick reference.

Copyright Notice

The e-books on this site are offered for free. Much work has been expended in re-formatting them, examining them for accurate reproduction, making them searchable, and adding linked footnotes. Although the text itself is public domain, the artwork, layout, and footnote linking are not. The artwork and editorial layouts are original to these editions. Because we desire these books to be read and to be useful in equipping believers for today, they are free to download, rather than being offered for a price on sites such as Amazon's Kindle Store. We simply ask that you maintain your own honesty and integrity by not publishing them or making them available for download on other sites without prior written permission. You are free to link to this site if you wish to make the books more widely available to others.


The fact that books are made available here for the edification of believers does not constitute a wholehearted endorsement of either the authors or everything that is printed in the books. To understand where we stand in relation to doctrinal and moral issues, please read our Statement of Faith carefully. All reading should be done with prayerful discernment by the reader, who is exhorted by the apostle Paul, to prove [test, try] all things; hold fast that which is good. Inasmuch as the apostle was speaking in context of the New Testament assembly, the exhortation is just as applicable to the individual reading and studying done by the believer.