A Dissertation Concerning the Antiquity of the Hebrew Language, Letters, Vowel-Points, and Accents 

Author: John Gill

Published: 1767

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Subject: The Bible (Bibliology)


John Gill, a Baptist pastor and theologian from the 18th century, presents strong evidence of Hebrew as the original language and provides strong proof of the antiquity of the Hebrew vowel-points and accents, a view now rejected by the same modern scholarship that scorns the doctrine of divine word-perfect preservation of the Scriptures. Gill pointedly notes that a rejection of the divine origin of the vowel-points and accents of the Hebrew Scriptures ultimately allows man to mould the Bible in any direction he fancies, the fruit of which can be seen today in the modern version movement.

It should be noted that although Gill holds a reasonably strong view of the preservation of words and letters, he stumbles at times by attributing apparent contradictions or difficulties to errors in scribal copying. Despite this, the book is recommended for its otherwise strong defence of the inspired placement of vowel-points and accents in the Hebrew text.