Pastor's Desk

2016 Word of Truth Conference

November 17th, 2016

From November 9-13th, 2016, Bethel Baptist Church in El Sobrante, California hosted their annual Word of Truth Conference. This year marked the second year treating the theme of The Gospel, with presentations and preaching from Kent Brandenburg, James Bronsveld, Bobby Mitchell, Chris Teale, and David Warner. The presentations from this year's conference can be viewed [HERE], or listened to and downloaded [HERE].

Readers will find conference audio and video from previous years at the links as well and are encouraged to take the time to listen to the preaching. Previous conferences covered the topics of A Pure Church (Ecclesiastical Separation)Apostasy (I-magination); and The Gospel.

The conference material is eventually compiled and put into book form, the first of which was A Pure Church, available from Pillar and Ground Publishing [HERE]. Canadian residents may order this book for $15CDN (plus postage) through Headwaters Baptist Church. Contact us for more information.