This Bible study course provides a foundational understanding of Bible truths. We encourage you to take the time to carefully and prayerfully complete these Bible study courses in their order. If you live in the Dufferin County area of Ontario, Canada, we strongly encourage you to contact us in order to complete these Bible studies one-on-one with the pastor of Headwaters Baptist Church or with a church member who can assist you and answer questions you may have as you study the materials.

This Bible Study lesson introduces the student to the Bible, its structure, what it claims for itself, and a number of specific fulfilled prophecies. The lesson also introduces the topics of inspiration (Who gave us the Bible and how) and preservation (The purity of Scripture today), and presents basics of Bible study. The lesson may be downloaded as a PDF.

The second lesson introduces the student to the Bible's revelation of God. The character of God is discussed, and the student is introduced to the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity. The holiness of God is presented and discussed, as are the names for God in the Bible.

Having established the authority of the Bible, followed by its revelation of God, this third lesson explores the expectations that God has for His creation. The student is presented with God's Law and holiness, man's sin, and God's judgment upon sin.

The doctrine of salvation (mankind's deliverance from the judgment that comes as a consequence of their breaking God's Law) is examined and explained. The inability of man to produce his own goodness before God is carefully laid out, and the presentation of Jesus Christ as the only Saviour is made.

This lesson builds on the previous lesson and explains how a sinner is saved. The Biblical doctrines of repentance and faith are carefully explained, and popular distortions of both doctrines are carefully refuted from Scripture. This lesson is recommended not only as an evangelistic Bible study, but also as a thorough treatment of what Biblical repentance and saving faith entail.

This lesson studies the doctrine of the believer's security in Christ, and answers questions about the perpetually "carnal Christian," whether one can lose his salvation, and provides seven marks, or evidences, of regeneration as detailed in the epistle of I John.

This lesson discusses in-depth the believer's need to be joined to a Scriptural church, and describes the marks of a true church. The student is also given an introductory overview of true churches throughout history.