Doctrine is the basis for fellowship, and few things demonstrate fellowship more than the joining together to propagate the proclamation of the Gospel both near and far. It is both our desire and joy as a church to partner with like-minded churches in the preaching of the Gospel locally and around the world.

Headwaters Baptist Church currently meets for worship at 426132 25 Sideroad in Mono, Ontario, just outside the town of Shelburne.

Drawn from the London Baptist Confession of Faith (LBCF) (1689) and several other Baptist doctrinal statements, our statement of faith restates and summarizes the doctrinal positions of our church. While we rejoice and agree with much of the LBCF, we reject its Calvinistic overtones and doctrine.

 Why Baptist? Historic Baptist doctrine most closely represents Apostolic doctrine and tradition as contained in the Scriptures. Distinctive Baptist principles have frequently been summarized using the acrostic B.A.P.T.I.S.T.